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Well what a nice start into November. Today I've had interviews left and right, from going to Irving all the way to Richardson then Fort Worth until it was back to Dallas and on top raining on and off. Albeit of the 3 interviews 2 were for the same company, but I'm happy to announce that a company reached out to me for being a Graphic Supporter for their company until December. 

Is it a short job yes. Is there chance of being a permanent, absolutely. Is this something I've been dreaming of since I got out of college. HELL YESSSS!!! At the interview when they asked if I was up to the task I told them that honestly I've been waiting for an opportunity like this for 5 years, there is no way I'm letting this go.

With luck starting this Thursday I'll be having a full time job on weekdays and still doing what I do now-food demoing- on weekends. Yup, finally I feel like my tracks are going in one solid direction than backwards or in circles. If you're persistent and honest, those are two key components to getting your foot in the door, if the employers like what they see in paper, they should give you a chance to see what more you can offer.

Such a great day!

What this could mean for comic pages, hell, this could get me more insight or be inspired for more! Only time will tell.

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Submitted on
November 7, 2016