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This is rather embarrassing to tell everyone; because this could have been avoided if I wasn't so picky or disinterested in what I ate...Thursday I had an accident. For the past couple weeks I had a shakiness in my hands and I would eat, though not enough. 

I told myself that I never had time to eat anything, or it wasn't as important than a few snacks here and there and some coffee or soda to get me going. Then I got so worried at work because I felt so terrible, I couldn't get my orders done as quickly or detailed than normal. Even then the drive home was a nightmare. By the time I got home, my whole body was shaking, only because I didn't put time aside to eat anything decent. 

There were few on the assumption that I didn't eat because I was trying to lose weight, and I don't want anyone to think that-it wasn't like I was starving myself for looking thinner-when I realized it days before I had plan of getting a nice big fat chipotle burrito. As well as get some food that I can actually eat-my eating habits really need to change.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only case I've caused my body harm because of a poor eating habits. In high school when I thought being vegetarian was a good idea though didn't learn enough to prepare-I gave myself shingles. I thought that sort of behavior was behind me.

This is opening my eyes that things need to change. I did say 25 was my year of making things better for myself. I should make health more of a priority than projects to get done when there really is no deadline...and I'm sorry it took for me having worried people to see that. I'm doing better now, having slept essentially a day and a half can still make you feel tired.

Just one day at a time...

Until then, don't guarantee a lot from me. Just give me time to form a good schedule, and it'll be all downhill from here.

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DarkDragonTanis Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Just take care and make sure you are eating properly. Big hug from spain
Owlette23 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Getting that fat ass burrito TODAY! 
DarkDragonTanis Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
hell yeah! ask extra everything on it !
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December 3, 2016