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Just a fair warning, there will be a few old pictures that will resurface, I'll going to be organizing my gallery, that includes deleting very old artworks or putting a lot into scraps, new folders and the like so don't be too weird-ed out when things come up from 2003. It's only temporary.

While I'm here might as will give some insight, this year has been rather chill to start off, works picking up, and I'm starting to date apparently-though it really sucked that on date-night it was also my first police stop OTL Luckily the guy was cool and my date was understanding, it was a rather great night all in all.

Till next update, I WILL have more art (and remake the last submission I did =n= ) just doing a quick cleanup.
See ya!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes or gifts!

It's been a rather hard end of the year, who's to say it's going to be a bad start-in my personal life it's been trying especially with my mother and my grandmas who lost someone in the family. I personally didn't know them...but I just hope they'll be able to pull through, I'll be seeing them among other things to be sure they are alright-hopefully a fight won't break out for whatever reason.

Artwise, I'll be working little by little, stretching out from my comfort zone. Hope it goes well. 

Other than that, hope you all had a great New Years and celebrated it to the fullest!
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This is rather embarrassing to tell everyone; because this could have been avoided if I wasn't so picky or disinterested in what I ate...Thursday I had an accident. For the past couple weeks I had a shakiness in my hands and I would eat, though not enough. 

I told myself that I never had time to eat anything, or it wasn't as important than a few snacks here and there and some coffee or soda to get me going. Then I got so worried at work because I felt so terrible, I couldn't get my orders done as quickly or detailed than normal. Even then the drive home was a nightmare. By the time I got home, my whole body was shaking, only because I didn't put time aside to eat anything decent. 

There were few on the assumption that I didn't eat because I was trying to lose weight, and I don't want anyone to think that-it wasn't like I was starving myself for looking thinner-when I realized it days before I had plan of getting a nice big fat chipotle burrito. As well as get some food that I can actually eat-my eating habits really need to change.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only case I've caused my body harm because of a poor eating habits. In high school when I thought being vegetarian was a good idea though didn't learn enough to prepare-I gave myself shingles. I thought that sort of behavior was behind me.

This is opening my eyes that things need to change. I did say 25 was my year of making things better for myself. I should make health more of a priority than projects to get done when there really is no deadline...and I'm sorry it took for me having worried people to see that. I'm doing better now, having slept essentially a day and a half can still make you feel tired.

Just one day at a time...

Until then, don't guarantee a lot from me. Just give me time to form a good schedule, and it'll be all downhill from here.

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Well what a nice start into November. Today I've had interviews left and right, from going to Irving all the way to Richardson then Fort Worth until it was back to Dallas and on top raining on and off. Albeit of the 3 interviews 2 were for the same company, but I'm happy to announce that a company reached out to me for being a Graphic Supporter for their company until December. 

Is it a short job yes. Is there chance of being a permanent, absolutely. Is this something I've been dreaming of since I got out of college. HELL YESSSS!!! At the interview when they asked if I was up to the task I told them that honestly I've been waiting for an opportunity like this for 5 years, there is no way I'm letting this go.

With luck starting this Thursday I'll be having a full time job on weekdays and still doing what I do now-food demoing- on weekends. Yup, finally I feel like my tracks are going in one solid direction than backwards or in circles. If you're persistent and honest, those are two key components to getting your foot in the door, if the employers like what they see in paper, they should give you a chance to see what more you can offer.

Such a great day!

What this could mean for comic pages, hell, this could get me more insight or be inspired for more! Only time will tell.

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Is a friend Indeed! :D

...Or something else less catchy than that XD

It's been a long time, first quick update: 2 weeks, two trips, finally done with that though tomorrow I'll be going back to my hometown for a short visit l'D I still need to help with the coop...and the halloween party... >> And a pumpkin decoration commission... QuO Then I'll be happy to slave away at finishing projects and Inktober. I'm surprised I stuck with it as long as a did, well, I'm not 22 anymore, so I have a little more focus.

In any case, I know DarkDragonTanis is doing some commissions, check out her stuff, she's really awesome at her line arts and is one of my favorite people >u<

I'll link her prices down here, I'm also open for commissions as well, so feel free to check that out as well, in other news, until things pick up, Orn and other comics might take a backseat. But stay faithful, we'll get more pages out eventually! O3O

commissions OPEN by DarkDragonTanis   Envelope and  Letters sale by DarkDragonTanis  Keychain Sale by DarkDragonTanis  Prints For Sale by DarkDragonTanis  Undertale Sale by DarkDragonTanis
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Just wanted to get the other journal off my page. As you know I've been participating in the Inktober for this month. Looking forward to the process and planning to make a video of it later.

In other news, besides having an almost overwhelmed freakout yesterday; made a list. And while I'll be updating websites and look for better work, I'm going to be working into making some prints, more pronounced and in detail and hoping after I get a vendor's license to go to the Bishop Arts District in the area and start selling prints. Feeling ready to mingle with the world and have good vibes in knowing that things will all work itself out. Also getting ready to go to Renaissance Fair...

Damn, didn't know being social would be so exhausting... l'D
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Unintentionally tagged by :icondarkdragontanis: After her one of Lendys:

8 OC Factsi stumbled uppon :iconNeye:s one so why not. fun fact is i actually have ben putting down facts of lendys to make one of those vids telling them ( got 66 written down facts so far but this was noted some time ago so now theres way more left xDDD ) 
so yeah, ill try to put at leas the more important ones . and so it starts; 8 Lendys facts :
1- Lendys is based on my self and bronze dragons of the D&D universe ; the way she smels, the place she lives and her name allong with other oc´s she knows are from a D&D draconican book i have were her wyvern name "Thuril" translates in the book as " friend" , Hauchach as " desteny" and the name "Lendys" is actually the name of one of the D&D dragon gods . this one in specific is the god of balance witch is fitting. the appearence of the mother an sister in her storys are based of mine both by design and personality .Len has also followed my path to live in exile from her own to feel free. 
2- Her suicide atempt

Lerin is basically like an open book to some, though I got some tasty secrets that you don't know about him, and what better way to share than a meme? Also I think it's funny because in a future far far away we poked fun that this would happen:… And they're doing a meme together in a sense e w e

Anyhoo, won't hold you guys any longer, here's 8 facts about my Dummy.

1. Name Origin. Lerin's original name was either going to be Telwin (Which meant 'Elf') or some other name with a good meaning. Lerin doesn't actually mean anything. But it was one that had a really nice ring to it and that's why it stayed, who knew it would be one of my favorite words to describe a personality.

2. Lerin that Never Was. Before when Tanis wanted a buddy for her Vatten, I wasn't sure where Lerin would go, I first pegged him as someone who would be a blacksmith naga already in the Arean Army and who became very proud of his work and had a slight sense of humor and enjoyed tea and heights. Which now all we got is a runaway who snuck in the army to get away from hunters because the work he's proud of consist of murder scenes. And his humor is overbearing and he hates tea and heights...where did I go wrong?

3. Pulling Teeth Out like carrots. When Lerin was a wee lad, well, not really-around 15 maybe-he use to have a bad habit of pulling his teeth out. The reason being if not to get rid of it if it ever felt loose, it was part of a form of depression. With no family to speak of, or any title or home to his name-he struggled in trying to find what exactly made him terrifying at one time. And he'd pull almost all his teeth out until he caught on that they just grow back but never normal. It was between the stage that after killing the last person who took him in, she taught him some humility, in what normal beings are suppose to be like. This all soon to be fueled by anger in how no matter what he does, he's always wrong so learns to just grin and bear it.

4. Dude Looks like a ladeh! Around age 17, Lerin was actually a girl, in this form of hiding from everyone, he beared living as a woman for a year (Which is 16 in naga years) and during this time Lerin learned some pretty dirty tactics women can play to getting men to do what they want, and for luring people in to make it easier for him to murder. This was also the time he knew what sex felt like, it was a rather confusing and also enlightening phase in his life. He never speaks of his time being 17-he called it the 'Force Year'. Forced into hiding, forced into becoming the very monster people feared, forced to being nice only to get what he wanted, forced into sex. It doesn't bother him as much as one would think, but it does bum him out.

5. Immortal. It's pretty much what he's going for, with having a Naga lifespan, a race that live for 5,000 years and Ashnadile lifespan, which lasts twice as long as nagas-Lerin's screwed. The only way he can die really is if someone killed him and I mean killed him DED. There are some that live for a long time sure, some become all the more wiser and understanding, though for Lerin, he's a bit of a pessimistic prick and his life is always entertaining despite being immortal. And what's worse is that he hates waiting-so when a time comes where the world is blown to hell, everyone is dead and he managed to survive...he's still got to wait till it's his turn to go. Near death experiences don't count.

6. Start the Fire. When Lerin was a boy in the Arena, he was part of a group of inmates who were plotting to escape the Arena. Lerin was volunteered to doing a lot of the work in doing the crafty or small fitting things and even having a hand in starting a fire that ruined the Arena altogether. To this day, Lerin remembers the code to what his main objective was 'Stop the Water, Start the Fire'. He'll sometimes mutter that to himself when he comes across any situation that is familiar to what he did at that time. 

7. Momma's Boy. Kimilie, Lerin's mother, had always fawned over Lerin than her one children-full blooded naga. She had gone crazy with the fact that Lerin would be more like his father or that he would come to claim the boy. She never let him out of his sight and mothered her to the point where it wasn't healthy. She, like her father, never had that parental affection towards him, it was always possessive, to be sure he was following their ideas and beliefs. It subconsciously inflicts Lerin's last shred of being something other than what he is. Though if he did go with what his parents wanted-it would only make him obedient; to be living for others and not knowing what he wants for himself. And that's what terrifies him the most, that is why in any setting that needs him to take orders, he still asserts his dominance that they needed him for help and he was capable of killing not only their enemies but them as well if they ever tried to turn the tables on him.

8. Four Letter Word is F.U.C.K. It's no secret that Lerin indulges in a lot of things that aren't good. I've narrowed down the five addictions he has (Now and carrying on to the Orn Series) That attributes to his character though these addictions are really his only release to the ever pounding question of 'what the hell to do with my life?' Alcohol for one-he's got a fantastic tolerance since he's been drinking as a kid in the Arena, and he always ends up with a hell of a lot stories after. Sex to keep him busy, mostly known in brothels or any place that has people he wants to hook up with, and I mean people, there are times where guys really convinced him to have fun. Smoking, this is a bit of a new one but it's another added quirk that I debated on him having from the time I had him (Also with the 'if he should have chest hair'. The hysterical laughter from that assured me that 'no' he's just fine without XDD)) Chaos since he's known it all his life, was technically raised by it and can't stand being in a rather peaceful place for too long. If it gets too much he breaks into a murdering spree so would NOT do well at Disneyland's Small World. Last is an unknown one but I won't put too much spoiler-but he's had an addiction to Neglect, RPs or character profiles will help you piece it together.

And that's all the rather new facts for the Dummy! Hope we all learned something here today =u=

It's to don't ever meet Lerin >>
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New things going on this week that you should all check out!

Scapegoat Gaming, my brother and compadres Youtube Channel!

Support Ascending Studios on Patreon: 
Support Us!

We also have several comics going on both Tapastic and Subcultura accounts so be sure to give it a look-see! >u>

English Comics

Spanish Comics
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  • Drinking: Coffee in good yesterday for the new house. Spent that whole day unpacking and things look really good. Made a quiche today.

Now to get this out of the way. I don't think I would have been able to post anyway-but if you hadn't seen from my mom's post, my rat Bofur, my baby, passed away the night before I made the move. And worst part, if I'm being honest, was having to see him pass. I know I've been told that it was good that I was there for his final moments, but I just couldn't stand not being able to do anything but hold him. He was just fine-it could have been the stress of the move or another infection-though not even a week ago he had an appointment and the vet said he could be taken off the medicine...I feel so terrible for him and wish I could have done something more.

Not even two days ago, I lost Henna. It shouldn't make me doubt. But losing two babies within the few days-I really wanted to take both with me. I really wish they'd be here, Henna would love the yard; Bofur would like how cold my room gets...I remember telling close friends and family that I don't know what I'd do if I lost my baby Bofur. Guess all I can say is forward. I still have 4 babies left that are counting on me. It's going to be hard getting through the losses, hoping to find some good distractions until I can openly talk about it without brimming up in tears. But, here are some memories of them, as well as what my old room looks like and new room. That's all the update for now.
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I'm going to be doing a livestream of Ender, toastwillhappen 's character.

Feel free to join!…

Also to spam this hear, I'll also explain in the stream, my brother just opened his new channel with his friends called Scapegoat Gaming so go check it out!
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Wanted to get that other journal out of the way since I don't have to really deal with that anymore since I quit that job :I

Telemarketing is not for everyone.
Anyhoo, looking into doing a lot of things and getting artworks in order.
Nothing too exciting.

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I know everyone has their opinion on if crying shows a form of weakness or bottling up everything in because stress is through the roof. This is roughly about the fourth week that I've come home after my work week in tears because of the stress put on because of work. And most of it is my fault, I realize that I've been beating myself hard at being the best, almost perfect, and anything that I do wrong would escalate way out of proportion, to the point that I feel on the verge of losing it whenever I slip up even for something so simple in talking too much when I call people. And I work in a call center.

Seriously, been taking counseling for this shit and it's helped some, though some of it isn't what I expected or wanted to hear about why I feel like this, and also root problems but this job pays well. And I know that I have all the help and training accessible to me as long as I ask for it. And the people I work with, we made our own community and we have fun while working...but I don't think I can take this any longer.

Is it bad that I just started this new job and feel this isn't my cup of tea? That it's me that needs to get better and the job is meant to be tough, I mean am I doing something wrong? Granted, last call of the day was an asshole, who I had no idea why he was calling because he knew everything we had to offer because he did it himself. It's people like that you need to take with a grain of salt, but I wasn't able to control the conversation and I was called sarcastic for being nice.

I just need this vent, I'm holding out, though I keep hoping they let me go, my backup plan is to work on Tales of Hector and Orn for the month while I'm looking for things more suited for me. I don't know why I was raised to have everyone's approval but mine's not good enough, and it's gotten into my artwork habits and I hate it. I hate that I'm not as confident as I thought. I hate that I cry when I get overwhelmed or anxious when I slip up. I hate that I hate myself.

I know... 1st world problems. I also hate that I've gotten so use to making others happy-strangers or otherwise-but when I feel like making a choice for myself, I see it as being selfish. And I know I'm not the only one on this...The worst enemy you can have is yourself.

And mine's kicking my ass right now. OTL
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Commission for Grabs

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 28, 2016, 7:16 PM

New commission information, to start off, I'll be quitting my job soon for another more fulfilling job though in the time I'm off work, besides sending applications and comic, I'll be having commissions open.

When Making Commissions

:bulletgreen: Paypal Only, send me a Note with 'Commission' somewhere in the subject
:bulletgreen: Must have a reference with the brief history or some description of what the character looks like/personality
:bulletgreen: I don't draw Furries or anything R-rated(hentai or porn stuff)
:bulletgreen: All for girlxgirl and boyxboy commissions if they're tasteful
:bulletgreen: There is an extra charge for backgrounds but it's not much.

Thank you for your Patronage and check out our patreon here:…

HEADSHOTS: 11USD each (Limited to one character per bust pic)  

Dallikins by Owlette23   Daisy by Owlette23 

HALF BODIES: 15 USD for every additional character (Max 4)

Sacred by Owlette23   Belly Dancer by Owlette23  Broken for Each Other by Owlette23

FULL BODY: 25USD each (additional character is another 15)

Life of the Party 2016 by Owlette23  Venom and Lerin by Owlette23  UC Event: Kendall and Kai by Owlette23

ANIMATIONS: 35 USD (additional 12 USD for every 10 frames)

Floating-Lerin by Owlette23  Stellar Solis by Owlette23  Jerk by Owlette23


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What a Milestone

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 6:37 AM
I'd never gotten so much hate in one day and it's kinda entertaining. Since this year started, I've felt that I've grown more than I did the whole year I was 24, one of which, not getting offended much.

But Apparently I'm an eyesore to people and it kinda feels great.

Yesterday I finished a nice gift for a friend of mine and almost immediately, someone replied with some helpful-though rather blunt- advice on flipping the image while drawing. I can see how it helps, though it always slip my mind to do so.


Out of no where I get some comment from someone I don't know saying that my art is rubbish, and the hilarious thing is that telling me this, they even hid their comment so no one else could see, are they trying to destroy the evidence of being a troll, they even had the nerve to put a smiley face at the end of the comment. I know that some of my earlier stuff is kinda bland.

But no one is good at everything, and especially that they have their own level of drawing, am I right? You don't have to be amazing at art when you're 12, some people have a knack for it and it's insane. But it's not a competition.

I won't say who these people are, I doubt they'd visit my page again. And that's fine, I won't be here anyway.

In other news, while Tanis is getting her computer fixed up so she can used Photoshop again to line the comic, I'll be going away for a week to see family. Not that it's too important, I only posted 4 things this year in a month in a half. But you'll know where I'll be. Patreon project is still growing good, I'll be having another Teaser out hopefully. Slowly but surely, things are getting done, it's just with things coming up but actual pages coming soon.

At least someone took some time out of their day just to tell me I suck, why do they bother making it known? Not like Anyone can see it... Well. At least that's what they think.

Anyhoo, it kinda felt good to actually have that sort of thing happen, like a friend of mine said, it's kinda like an initiation. So done good.

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Aaaaaaaaaw Yeah, Baby!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 3, 2016, 12:59 PM
It's finally here!!!…

Also can see it here:

And Spanish Version here:

Yes I am working with :icondarkdragontanis: XDD

So happy >u<

For more information you can see my blog post:…

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What Am I Doing With My Life?

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 16, 2016, 6:20 AM
<div class="">

This is just another update journal, not that I post too big of news on this but I'm just having one of those moments of self-awareness on situations that I never had the time to contemplate on before.

Nothing is wrong and more often than not, there are a lot of things happening to people around me-though not me in particular-and sure there are little ways of helping out though can't really be there to help them.

Or can I? >u> Well at least there are a few I can.

Personally, life is going great, one day to the next though I'm slowly discovering that my current position of having a good part time job (Though I get more hours than others) and my business (That I get at least 3-4 commissions a year, working on it OTL ) It's not really doing anything major. And I hit 25 not too long ago and already I feel like I've changed more in the last couple weeks than I did the whole year I was 24. I plan on going places, doing more things on trying to socialize and get a couple major projects going.

And move out, it's really hard to support yourself with two jobs that is only enough to pay your bills and then some, though for the longest time I wanted to have a place of my own, where I am is completely fine and there is nothing to complain about-it just looks very nice.

Things really are going fine for me and I shouldn't be making some big rant or anything, it's just one of those feelings when you wake up in the morning and think if what I'm doing is going in the right direction? Who knows, sometimes being lost is where you're meant to be, and when that someone/something finds you, you'll have that sense of direction.

Also, big surprise coming soon.

Welp. That's it.

<div class="">
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Yeesh, Work

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2015, 8:36 PM

This is nothing more than an update, you can all return to your respective art programs, this is just for those who are wondering where I went. A lot has been happening, mostly from work. SO MUCH WORK, that I don't have a lot of time to do much else since this is a holiday week. Like literally I've been working since last Thursday and I'll be working to this Wednesday. ONE DAY OFF ON THE HOLIDAY. Then back to work for 3 more days, I mean come on, I don't have /that/ powerful of a laundry cleaner so instead of enjoying the holiday I'd probably be spending it cleaning around the house.

You can see where the artwork fits in. And I don't have that good of motivation when I get back from work to do much livestreams or artwork because of the exhaustion but next week I'll have four straight days off so hoping to get a head start on that as well as be working on a lot of Christmas/End of the Year Giftarts! So much planned that I don't know where to start.

Tales of Hector is still going, though over this course of time since October, commissions have been coming around as well >u> My brother is starting his own business and he's asked me to make logos, icons and the soon to be sign on top of the store. At least I'm hoping he's letting me do this because I'm competent to and not just because we're siblings. And his business partner's father asked me for a logo as well and then making invitations for graduations-goodness >> So, ToH is taking a backseat, really there is no due date but I at least want to put my full focus on it when I have little more time to that and the few hours here and there.

Still working on the Collab Comic with Tanis. And many others, just you know, life gets in the way.

So yeah, I'll see about getting something up soon but make no promises, even if it's something I've done earlier on, I don't want to be too inactive cause I still kinda like it here. l'D

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Every little bit helps

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 16, 2015, 8:37 PM
<div class="">

Going to be doing cheap cheap commissions, don't matter what it is, or how detailed, I just need help. My brother is going through a financial crisis and I want to help him any way I can.

Please message me by note, or comment below. Commissions are $15 per, $3 extra character, $4 detailed painting.

Every little bit helps.

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Poke Tags

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2015, 8:31 PM
<div class="">

Tagged by :iconemirion: Welp :I Here we go.

1: Go to and set it to Generate 1, all generations and all types, no nature.
2: Paste the Pokémon to the corresponding question.
3: Type down your reaction~!
4: No Pokémon repeats.
5: Turn off the "Ubers" option.
6: Post these rules!


Okay. I can get on board =u= Love Oodish

Your Partner-in-crime
I shall call you Winnifree. *Waiting for reaction like a bad joke*

Member 1:
:I What no Normal Evee?

Member 2:
The Hard Ass of the group. =u=

Main boss:
:I We're basically cousins!

Grunt 1:
It's odd-ly cute *l'D I would love to be an Oddish now*

Grunt 2:
OxO Fuck That, I'm out!

Grunt 3:
>>Uu When did they start getting ugly, what the hell about Grunt 1?

Inn keeper
Aaaaaawww Yeah!

 Your boyfriend/girlfriend:
... Well then.

Your stalker:


Your admirer
Pssssh! You WISH you had three leaves on your head like me. =3=

Your enemy team's leader:
Not gonna lie, why would that thing want to fight a shrub like me. :I

Boss 1:
It's like a hiding Ghastly >u>

Boss 2:
FUCK that thing can sit on me and I'll be done! OAO

Boss 3:

Final Boss
Yeti dog!

Your Senpai:
XD What about my girlfriend before, though I'd leave her for that smile anyday~

The pokemon that defeats you
I got overwatered X.X

Pokemon who tags others:
Can imagine how many this guy can tag after evolving =3=

Well that was really fun, not going to tag but more than welcome to do so. Gotta crawl back into my cave now >> Thank you Em! >u</

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